DevCon 2014: Extending FileMaker with APIs - Brian Voll

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Brian Voll (Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC)


Session Code: INN005


One of the great things about FileMaker is that it can be extended beyond its own boundaries with relative ease. One way to extend FileMaker’s capabilities is to integrate your FileMaker-based solution with one of the countless solutions that offer an application programming interface (API). The options are endless, ranging from using Google to calculate the driving distance between two addresses to downloading orders from your Amazon storefront into your inventory solution to managing VerticalResponse email campaigns right from your CRM solution. This session will provide guidance on how to incorporate APIs with your solution, including best practices for ensuring the integration is as seamless as possible for your end-users.

What you should know

The actual FileMaker knowledge required to build integrations is actually quite basic. Depending on the integration and its complexity, a working knowledge of another programming language would be required, but for a top-level overview (that this session will be) no additional programming language is required.

Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Pro

What You Will Learn

  • Request data using Insert from URL script step
  • Using PHP to integrate with APIs
  • The importance of error capturing
  • The importance of logging


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