DevCon 2014: Location in Depth - Jeremy Bante

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Jeremy Bante (Beezwax)


Session Code: MOB006


The location functions for FileMaker Go enable users with iOS devices to know where they are; but there's more to building rich, location-aware applications than just knowing where you are. This session covers using the location functions, but also several other location-oriented techniques such as determining distance and direction between locations, geocoding, location-based finds, and integrating with iOS navigation apps.

What you should know

Comfortable with FileMaker scripting and calculations.


Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Go

What You Will Learn

  • Using the Location and LocationValues functions to get your current position
  • Using geocoding web services to get the locations of addresses, and addresses of locations
  • Calculating distance and direction to points of interest, and performing location-based finds on your data
  • Integrating FileMaker Go with iOS navigation apps


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