DevCon 2014: Leaving a Legacy: Writing Code that Other People (and you) Can Understand - Jerry Robin

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Jerry Robin (Transmography)


Session Code: COR008


It's important to write code that works, but equally important to write code that can be understood and maintained by others. Drawing on years of experience working on other people's databases and having to read—and fix—lots of badly written code, we’ll show techniques applicable to scripts, calculated fields and custom functions. Topics include: Using the Let function to make calculations easier to read, custom functions to pass multiple parameters, global variables to avoid "magic numbers" that could change, descriptive names to make your code self-documenting, writing useful comments, and the Pseudocode Programming Process.


What you should know

Some experience writing scripts and calculations.


Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Pro


What You Will Learn

  • How writing readable code makes you more likely to write good code
  • The symbiotic relationship between good pseudocode and useful comments
  • Trapping for errors that could never happen, just in case they do
  • Effective use of indenting, spacing, and the Let function in calculations


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