DevCon 2014: Engaging Design, Snappy User Experience, and Creative User Interaction - Vincenzo Menanno

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Vincenzo Menanno  (Beezwax)

Session Code: INN001


We all strive to present our clients well organized, responsive solutions that keep the user informed and productive. We’ll discuss some modern methods to address these challenges. We'll look at "Opportunity Moments," and creative ways to provide feedback. To get your creative ideas going, we'll introduce you to "feature slam" — to combine features you would never think of using together. What if database interaction could be done through Siri? What if that 30 minute import you run every Friday only took a few seconds? What if clicking on a segment of a chart could drill into data? ...what if? We'll inspire you to come up with your own "what if” questions and creative ways to answer them.

What you should know

Relational database design, editing layouts and scripting

Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Server

What You Will Learn

  • Dramatically improve performance with few changes to your solution
  • What and how much can you off load to the server
  • Keep your user informed even if the task is not happening on their computer
  • Explore performance gains when creating, updating, deleting, and reporting


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