Learn Goal 2 - Intro: Create iPad screens

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Everything you do on your computer and mobile devices involves some kind of user interface. In fact, when most people think of a given application, the interface is what they remember: how it looks, what it does, and how easy it is to use.

FileMaker Pro helps you to build attractive and sophisticated interfaces, called layouts, using a drag and drop approach and a wide variety of tools. This section will introduce you to a few of these tools.

When you convert a spreadsheet, FileMaker Pro creates two layouts for you automatically: one in Table View and one in Form View. Sometimes you can adapt these two layouts to your needs, and other times it’s better to create new ones instead.

When you create a new layout, FileMaker Pro gives you the choice of optimizing it for the desktop, a touch device like iPad, or for printing. Let’s try creating two new layouts optimized for iPad.

This is what you’re about to do:

  1. Create a customer form for iPad (5 min)

  2. Choose the form information you want to display (5 min)

  3. Create a customer list for iPad (5 min)

  4. Choose the list information you want to display (5 min)

  5. Switch between your screens (list to form) (10 min)

  6. Switch between your screens (form to list) (10 min)




Let’s begin!