Learn Goal 2 - Part 1: Create a customer form for iPad

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So far, you’ve spent some time exploring Layout #1, the Form View layout that was automatically created with your file. But what if you want to design your own Form View optimized for iPad?

Rather than modifying Layout #1, let’s create a new layout instead. That way, FileMaker Pro will handle some basic design considerations automatically. Before you do that, let's talk about how layouts are set up.



Layout Parts


A layout is divided into various parts, such as a top navigation part, body, and bottom navigation part. Sometimes it may also have a header, footer, or summary parts used for reporting. The parts are labeled by sideways buttons on the left of the screen. If you select the sideways button, you can format or delete the part itself.

customer detail layout parts.png

    • The top navigation part appears at the top of every screen or page and is used for titles, navigation, and column headers (in columnar reports). It stays in position as the content is scrolled, like a header row in Excel.

    • Each object you put in the body part, including fields, text objects, and graphics, appears once for each record.

    • The bottom navigation part appears at the bottom of every screen or page and stays in place as the content is scrolled, just like the top navigation part.

    • You may only have one top navigation part, one body, and one bottom navigation part in a layout -- and you aren't required to include all three.



Create a data entry form optimized for iPad.




  1. Open FileMaker Pro on your desktop/laptop again.

    An “Open New or Existing” dialog box appears.

  2. Locate your “Landscaping.fmp12” file on the desktop and click “Open”.

  3. Choose the View menu > Layout Mode  ⌘L or Ctrl-L

    The appearance of the window changes. This indicates you are in Layout mode, which allows you to create and modify layouts.

    At this point, the Inspector may appear. This free-floating window is packed with helpful layout options. However, you don't need it now, so go ahead and close it.

  4. Choose the Layouts menu > New Layout/Report…  ⌘N or Ctrl-N

    A New Layout/Report dialog box appears.

    In the “Layout Name” field, FileMaker Pro suggests the name “Layout #3”.

  5. Change the layout name to “Customer Detail”.

    It’s good practice to give each layout a name that communicates its purpose and the kind of data it displays. 

  6. Choose Touch Device since you are designing for iPad.

    A popup menu gives you a choice of various touch devices. FileMaker Pro can optimize your layout for display on a computer, a touch device, or for printing.

  7. Choose iPad.

    A submenu gives you a choice of various data formats, such as Form, List and Table.

  8. Choose Form.

  9. In the lower left corner of the dialog box, choose the icon for landscape orientation:
    Untitled 2.png

    The other option is portrait orientation. These options cause the layout to have different dimensions.

  10. Click the Finish button.

    A blank form layout is displayed.  Its dimensions have been set up for landscape orientation on iPad.

  11. Select the bottom navigation part.
    Bottom navigation part.png
  12. Delete it by pressing the Delete (or Backspace) key.