Learn Goal 2 - Part 2: Choose the form information you want to display

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Right now your form layout is blank, but don’t worry: FileMaker Pro gives you many tools for adding fields and customizing layouts. Most of these layout tools are located in the center of the status toolbar at the top of the screen:

layout tools.png



In addition to those, just below the status toolbar is a thin, dark-grey strip. Towards the right on this strip is the Field Picker button.

field picker.png


This button opens the Field Picker dialog box, which allows you to add fields to your layout, create new fields, and change field types.

Let's use it to add some fields to your layout.





Use the Field Picker dialog box to add specific fields to the new Form layout.




  1. Click the Field Picker button.

    The Field Picker dialog box appears. It displays the names of the columns from your spreadsheet. In FileMaker Pro, these data points are called fields.

  2. Click on the “Customer” field to select it.

    It turns blue when selected.

  3. Hold down the command key (Mac) or control key (Windows) and select three more fields in addition to Customer:  Email, Manager, and Office Phone.

    field picker four fields.png

  4. Drag the four fields to your layout, positioning them on the left-hand side of the body part to resemble the image below.

    If you don’t like where your fields ended up, just drag them around until you’re satisfied.
    drag fields around.png

    Notice the thin blue lines that appear as you drag objects on the layout. These are guides that help you to center objects and align them with one another.

    f you can’t drag all the fields at once, you probably have deselected them by clicking somewhere else.  Drag a rectangle around them to reselect them, release the mouse, and click on any part of the selected group to drag the entire selection.

  5. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

    The following dialog box may appear. It is intended to prevent you from changing layouts by accident.
    save layout changes.png

    For now it’s likely to get in your way, so :

  6. Select the Save layout changes automatically checkbox.

    In the future, this dialog box won't appear again unless you change your FileMaker Pro preferences.

  7. Click the Save button.

    The dialog box disappears and FileMaker Pro returns to Browse mode.

    In Browse mode, the four fields display the data they contain.