Learn Goal 2 - Part 4: Choose the list information you want to display

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Now let's add some fields to your list layout. As before, you'll use the Field Picker dialog box to add the fields to the layout. But this time, you'll select different options for field placement and field labels.




Use the Field Picker dialog box to add specific fields to the list layout.




  1. If the Field Picker dialog box isn’t visible, click the Field Picker button.

    Before you drag your fields to the layout there are two new settings to change.

  2. Find the area called Drag Options at the bottom of the Field Picker dialog box (click on the disclosure triangle if necessary).
    drag options.png

  3. For Field Placement, choose horizontal placement.

  4. For the Labels option, choose the option where labels are positioned above the field.

    Now you’re ready to select the fields.

  5. Hold down the command key (Mac) or control key (Windows) to select these three fields at once: Customer, Email, and Salesperson.

  6. Drag the fields onto your layout, positioning them so that the labels are in the header part and the fields are in the body part.
    customer list fields.png

    IMPORTANT: Be careful not to position the fields too high. Only the labels should be located in header part. The fields below them should be located completely in the body part. If they touch or overlap the header part at all, they won’t display properly in Browse mode.

    If you get an error dialog box saying “This operation will cause fields to extend off the layout…”, click the No button and try step #6 again.

  7. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

    Your data is displayed as a list. See how the body part is repeated to fill the screen?
    customer list browse.png