Learn Goal 2 - Part 5: Switch between your screens (list to form)

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How about adding an easy way to switch from your list layout to your form layout?

For example, you could choose a customer from the Customer List layout, and then view more information about that customer using the Customer Detail layout.




Provide simple navigation from the List to the Form layout.




  1. Navigate to your Customer List layout.

  2. Choose the View menu > Layout Mode  ⌘L or Ctrl-L

  3. Select the Button tool in the middle of the Layout Tools in the status toolbar.
    Button Tool.png
    When you move the mouse over your layout, the appearance of your mouse pointer changes into a crosshair image (like a big plus sign).

  4. To the right of the Salesperson field in the body part, drag your cursor to draw a rectangular shape.
    drag your cursor to draw button.png

    A Button Setup dialog box appears.
    button setup dialog.png

    The first row of options lets you decide whether the button will have a label, and icon, or both (in various positions).

  5. Choose the fifth option, where the icon is on the left side of the label.
    button icon option.png

  6. Type the following label text into the empty box:  View Detail
    Add Button Label.png

  7. Choose the following icon for your button.
    choose button icon.png

  8. Use the slider to set the size of your icon to 16 pt.
    button icon slider 16pt.png

    At the bottom of the dialog is the Action option. Buttons can perform a single action or they can run a script, which is an automated series of actions that you create. In this case, you'll perform a single action.
    button single step.png

  9. Choose "Single Step" for the Action of your button.

    A Button Action dialog window appears.

  10. Type the three letters gtl into the blue line that says "Type a step or choose from the list".

    The script step Go To Layout appears in a drop-down list. Script steps perform specific actions. In this case, when the user clicks your button, the layout will switch whatever layout you specify.

    go to layout script step.png
  11. Press Enter to select this script step.

    The script step is displayed on the blue line.

  12. Click the portion of the step that says "[ original layout]".

    A drop-down appears.
    select layout dropdown.png

  13. Select the Layout... option.

    A Specify Layout dialog box appears.


  1. Choose the “Customer Detail” layout.

  2. Click the OK button.

    You are returned to the
    Button Action dialog box.

  3. Click the OK button there as well.

  4. Click outside the button to save the change.

    Little square handles appear on the sides of the button. If not, click the button to reselect it.

  5. Drag the button’s handles to resize it so that it fits on the layout and has about the same height as the fields.

  6. Click button in the center to drag it around, repositioning it inside the body part until it’s aligned with the other fields.

    Look for the thin blue guides that can help you match size and alignment with other objects on the layout.

  7. Click outside the button to save the change.

  8. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

    The button appears on every row of your list.

  9. Click the button in one of the rows.

    You are taken to the Customer Detail layout for that row. Stay on this layout for the next step.