Learn Goal 2 - Part 6: Switch between your screens (form to list)

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Now let’s try adding a button that will navigate in the opposite direction: from your Customer Detail layout to your Customer List layout.


In this case, the layout only needs to display the button once because you’re going from something more specific (a form) to something less specific (a list).


Since the steps here are almost identical to those in Part 5, you’ve already had some practice at this.




Add simple navigation from the Form to the List Layout.




  1. Navigate to the Customer Detail layout if necessary.

  2. Choose the View menu > Layout Mode  ⌘L or Ctrl-L

  3. Select the Button tool in the status toolbar.

    Right now the header part of your layout is empty.

  4. Drag a rectangular shape to create a new button on the right-hand side of the header part.

    A Button Setup dialog box appears. You'll set up this button much as you did the one on the previous section.

  5. In the first row of the dialog box, select the fifth option, where the icon is on the left side of the label.

  6. Type the following label text into the empty box: View List

  7. Choose the following icon for your button.
    choose button icon list.png

  8. Use the slider to set the size of your icon to 16 pt.

  9. Choose "Single Step" for the Action of your button.

    A Button Action dialog window appears.

  10. Type the three letters gtl into the blue line that says "Type a step or choose from the list".

    The script step Go To Layout appears in a drop-down list.

  11. Press Enter to select the Go To Layout script step.

    The script step is displayed on the blue line.

  12. Click the portion of the step that says "[original layout]".

  13. Click on the Specify drop-down list to select the “Layout…” option.

    A Specify Layout dialog box appears.

  14. Choose the “Customer List” layout.

  15. Click the OK button.

    You are returned to the Button Setup dialog box. 

  16. Click the OK button there as well.

  17. Click outside the button to save the change.

    Little square handles appear on the sides of the button. If not, click the button to reselect it.

  18. Drag the button’s handles to resize it so that you’re happy with its size and shape.

  19. Reposition the button near the right-hand edge of the header part.

    Again, look for the thin blue guides that can help you match size and alignment with other objects on the layout.

  20. Click outside the button to save the change.

    At this point, the header part of your layout should look like this:

    button on top nav.png

  21. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

    The button appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  22. Click the button.

    You are taken to the Customer List layout.

  23. Click on the “View” button for any of the customers in the list to view details about that customer.

    You should now see the “Customer Detail” layout, displaying the same record that you selected from the list.

  24. Continue back and forth a few times choosing different customers to get a feel for how your sales team might use these buttons.