Learn Goal 3 - Intro: Customize your solution

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Let’s begin customizing your solution to fit your business process. You'll start by adding the company logo and a header to help orient the salesperson as they navigate around your solution. Next, you'll provide site photos to help identify each customer's facility. Finally, you’ll incorporate two key elements of the sales process: contracts and work orders.

This is what you’re about to do:

  1. Add your company logo (5 min)

  2. Help the salesperson know where they are (Customer Detail) (10 min)

  3. Help the salesperson know where they are (Customer List) (10 min)

  4. Change the look and feel with a theme (5 min)

  5. Add customer site photos (10 min)

  6. Simplify your screen with tabs (5 min)

  7. Display an overview of work orders (5 min)

  8. Get ready for contracts and signatures (10 min)

  9. Improve the signature experience (5 min)

  10. Store some actual contracts (5 min)



Here we go!