Learn Goal 4 - Review

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At this point, you have brought existing work order information into your solution, connecting that data to your customer information and displaying each customer's work orders so that your sales team can view them.

Here are the main concepts that you learned:


  • Using the “Import Records” command to import a second spreadsheet into an existing FileMaker solution

  • Using the “Tables” tab of the “Manage Database” window to change table names

  • Using the “Relationships” tab of the “Manage Database” window to create table occurrences and establish relationships between table occurrences

  • Changing specific relationship settings such as sort order and the ability to create records via a relationship

  • Displaying related data using a portal


The concept of relationships and table occurrences is one of the most abstract ideas you need to master. If it’s still a little fuzzy, this is a good time to ask for help. Relational data modeling is an essential and powerful concept in database design, and you want to have a firm grasp of it.


You’re in the home stretch — time to share your work with someone else!