Learn Goal 3 - Part 5: Add customer site photos

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What if the solution displayed a picture of the customer's location? That would help the sales team recognize each site when they visit for the first time.

In this case, the photos have been taken by a professional photographer, so the salespeople can also use them as a portfolio, showing them to prospective customers to demonstrate the quality and range of the company’s landscaping work.




Add a photo field, populating it using the example JPG images.




  1. Make sure you are viewing your Customer Detail layout

  2. Choose the View menu > Layout Mode  ⌘L or Ctrl-L

  3. Open the Field Picker dialog box.

  4. Click the + New Field button.
    field picker new field.png

    A new field appears in the list.
    field picker enter fieldname.png

  5. Change the field name from Field to Site Photo.

    Note that once you change the field name, you can’t use the
    Field Picker dialog box to change the name to anything else (there’s another way to do it, but we won’t cover it now).

    To the right of the field name, the field type is displayed. It defaults to “Text”.

  6. Click the field type, causing a drop-down to appear, and change it from “Text” to “Container”.

    Container fields are used to store many kinds of files, such as photos, movies, music, word documents, Excel documents, and PDFs.

  7. In the Drag Options area of the Field Picker dialog box, choose the no label option for Labels (the one on the left).
    field picker no label option.png

  8. Drag the Site Photo field onto the body part below the fields you added before.

  9. Align and resize all the fields until your layout resembles the image below.
    customer detail fields in position.png

  10. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

  11. Choose the Records menu > Show All Records  ⌘J or Ctrl-J
    If this command is grayed-out, you’re already viewing all the records.

  12. Navigate to the first record using the tools in the status toolbar.
    navigate to first record.png

    This record should be “Bryant Research Park”.

  13. Locate the “Images” folder in your sample data.

  14. Drag the “1 Bryant.jpg” file into the Site Photo field.

  15. Navigate to the second record.

    This record should be “Jackson View Park”.

  16. Drag the “2 Jackson.jpg” file into the Site Photo field.

  17. Continue to load the site pictures for the first 12 records.

  18. Page through the records and imagine showing them to a prospective customer. Impressive!