Learn Goal 3 - Part 10: Store some actual contracts

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Now that you have set up your Contracts tab, let’s store some actual contracts.

Once again, all you have to do is drag and drop.




Store the sample contracts in their corresponding customer records.




  1. Choose the View menu > Browse Mode  ⌘B or Ctrl-B

  2. Choose the Records menu > Show All Records  ⌘J or Ctrl-J

    NOTE: if this command is grayed-out, you’re already viewing all the records.

  3. Navigate to the first record using the tools in the status toolbar.
    navigate to first record.png

    This record should be “Bryant Research Park”.

  4. Locate the “Contracts” folder in your sample data.

  5. Drag the “Contract 1205 - Bryant.pdf” file into the big open space on the “Contract” tab.
    drag contracts into field.png

  6. Repeat for the second record, “Jackson View Park”, dragging the the “Contract 1206 - Jackson.pdf” file into the Contract field.

  7. Repeat for the third record, “Magnolia Springs Center”, dragging the “Contract 1207 - Magnolia.pdf” file into the Contract field.

  8. Repeat for the fourth record, “Pine Executive Station”, dragging the “Contract 1208 - Pine.pdf” file into the Contract field.



When your sales team wants to add more contracts, they can do exactly the same thing as you have done here. Later on you’ll learn about FileMaker Pro scripting, which helps automate the process more.

Take a moment to appreciate how your solution is coming together!