Learn Goal 5 - Part 1: Try entering new work orders manually

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In this section, let’s look at how salespeople will enter new work orders.




Add a couple of new work orders manually by entering them into the bottom row of the Work Orders portal.




Due to the "Allow creation of records..." relationship option you selected in Part 4, you can enter a new work order simply by entering data in the last row of the portal on the Work Orders tab.
allow creation of records.png

Let’s give that a try now:

  1. Make sure you are on the Customer Detail layout in Browse mode.

  2. Navigate to record #2 (Jackson View Park).

  3. Select the Work Orders tab.

    You should see a list of three work orders plus a blank row at the bottom.

  4. Enter today’s date into the “Date” field in the bottom row.

  5. Press the Tab key to move to the “Description” field.

  6. Type Tree Pruning into the “Description” field

  7. Press the Tab key to move to the “Hours” field.

  8. Type 5 into the “Hours” field.

  9. Click outside the portal to save your changes.

    Your entry floats to the top of the list because today’s date is greater than any other dates in the list.

    Now let’s enter a work order for a customer that has lots of them already:

  10. Navigate to record #1 (Bryant Research Park).

  11. Scroll to the bottom of the portal until you get to the blank row.

  12. Enter the same data in the Date, Description, and Hours fields.

  13. Click outside the portal to save your changes.

    This time, scrolling is much more inconvenient because there are so many work orders.

    In the next section, let’s see how you can address this issue by writing a simple script.