Learn Goal 6 - Intro: Share with a coworker

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There are several ways to share your FileMaker solution so that multiple people can access it at the same time.


Rather than distributing the data in multiple copies of a spreadsheet, it’s much better for your team if:


  • the data resides in only one place

  • everyone can access it at the same time

  • everyone’s changes are instantly visible to everyone else


FileMaker Pro provides two ways to do this: Client Sharing (peer-to-peer) and FileMaker Server:

  • With Client Sharing, you use your desktop machine to host the database file. You must have the file open on your machine for anyone else to access it on theirs. Everyone must be on the local network, and only five people can have access at a time.


  • FileMaker Server is much more powerful. It is a separate software application that runs on a dedicated machine, offering 24-hour access, automatic backups, and robust security features. There is no restriction on the number of people who can access your solutions at once, although the tested maximum is 250.



For this example you’ll use Client Sharing, since FileMaker Server requires an additional license as well as hardware and setup time. If you want to learn about FileMaker Server, click here for more information.



This is what you’re about to do:


  1. Share your solution (15 min)

  2. Modify your solution everywhere (5 min)

  3. Collaborate between iPad and desktop (5 min)

  4. Capture a signature (5 min)

  5. Test other features (15 min)

  6. Get feedback from a coworker (15 min)



This is the last phase — you’re almost done!