Learn Goal 6 - Part 3: Collaborate between iPad and desktop

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Now that the sales team has a hosted file, everyone’s changes will appear instantly, where before they were scattered and unreliable. Having one version of up-to-date customer information prevents people from making mistakes, keeping operations efficient and making a better impression on customers.




To explore how data changes can be instantaneous when a FileMaker Pro solution is hosted.




  1. Have your coworker find the “Magnolia Springs Center” customer record on their iPad, selecting the “Work Overview” tab.

  2. Do the same thing on your desktop.

  3. Have your coworker add some text to the Notes field.

  4. When they are done making the change, have them tap outside the field so that the change takes effect.

  5. Watch for the change to appear on your desktop.

    Note that if they don’t tap outside the field, you might encounter record locking, where FileMaker Pro prevents two people from changing data in the same record at the same time in order to avoid confusion.

  6. On your desktop, try adding more text to the Notes field.

  7. Click outside the field when you are done with the change to cause it to take effect.

  8. Watch for the change to appear on iPad. Magic!

    Let’s see if you can create the conditions for record locking.

  9. On your desktop, add some more text to the Notes field, but leave the cursor inside the field — don’t hit Enter or click outside the field when you are done.

    Your coworker should not see any change take place on iPad.

  10. Have your coworker try to add more text to the Notes field using iPad.

    They should see a Record Locked message similar to the one below:
    record locked ipad.png

  11. On your desktop, click out of the “Notes” field to save your changes.

  12. Have your coworker tap OK to dismiss the Record Locked message.

    Your coworker should now be allowed to enter the “Notes” field (and they should see the changes that you made as well).