DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Under the Hood - FileMaker Pro 12 Layouts & Themes

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    Session Description

    FileMaker Pro 12 introduced some big changes to how layouts look and work. Understanding what is at work under the hood can help to make more effective use of these powerful new features. In this DevCon 2012 session recording, Andrew Paulsen, Software/Usability Engineer at FileMaker, Inc., dives deep into the new CSS-based styling used in FileMaker Pro 12 layouts, discusses what themes are capable of, how they work, and investigates how the design choices you make impact usability and performance.

    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Pro 12
    What You Will Learn
    • What's new in FileMaker Pro 12 layouts
    • New styling options available for layout objects
    • What themes can do, and how they do it
    • Details of the new CSS-based styling for layout objects and themes


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    Download a PDF of the slides for this session from the Attachments link below.