DevCon 2014: Essential Data Modeling: Avoiding the Nightmare and Getting it Right! (EN)

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    James Medema (Surefoot Database Consulting)


    Do you find it difficult to estimate the size (and budget!) of a project? Do you sometimes struggle knowing how to start a complex solution with new clients? Have you ever felt "stuck" when working in a database of endless complexity and confusion? Boosting your data modeling skills can help! Learn how to master a data modeling process to consistently create complete, clear, rock solid data models that can accurately inform your estimating and guide your development! Remember, if you get your data model wrong, it won't matter how talented you are.


    What you should know

    Familiarity with creating tables and fields in FileMaker Pro and the basics of the relationship graphs. Beginner developers can still learn a lot from this session.


    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro


    What You Will Learn

    • Top four reasons why every developer needs to master data modeling
    • Nightmare relationships graphs and how to avoid them
    • How to start a data model when you know nothing about your client’s business
    • Effective strategies for making your ERD and your client best of friends



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