People Goal 1 - Intro: Build a foundation

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When you worked on the Landscaping solution in the Learn phase, you began by importing existing data and built your solution around that. Every step of the process was documented, resulting in a pre-determined solution intended to introduce you to the FileMaker platform and showcase some of its features, but not to address your specific business needs.


Our goal in the Build phase of the training is to focus on you: guiding you through the process of creating a simple solution for your business, while keeping the scope limited so that the options aren't too overwhelming. Let's start from the ground up by visualizing your solution, creating and connecting the tables for your data, and finally entering a few records.


Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Visualize your solution

  2. List your data points

  3. Choose your data types

  4. Sketch on paper

  5. Create your file

  6. Add your main data fields

  7. Add a Last Initial calculation

  8. Add a Full Name calculation

  9. Add your secondary data fields

  10. Set up auto-enter values

  11. Connect your tables

  12. Enter a few records