People Goal 1 - Part 2: List your data points

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You’ve spent time visualizing your solution and determining what your users really need. With this information to guide you, now you can identify the data that you need to track.


Think about your data points

What are the specific pieces of information you need to track about your people? Do you need to track anything that is indirectly related to your people? Probably you're not just interested in the people themselves, but also in something they do (or something being done to them). For example:

  • Sales Contacts - Perform activities such as call, email, or leave voicemail.


  • Students - Enroll in classes


  • Patients - Go to medical appointments


  • Employees - Go through onboarding

Make two different lists

In one list, put the data points that describe your people directly. In the other list, put the ones that describe what they do, that is: activities, enrollments, appointments, etc.

For example, if you’re dealing with students, “birthdate” clearly describes a student. But “class name" belongs in a list of classes or enrollments.


You could have more than two lists, but for the purposes of this training, limit yourself to two.  Each list will become a table in your solution. If you have more than two or three lists, you’re probably attempting something too complicated for a first effort — think about how you can simplify things for now.


If you have any questions about your lists of data points, share them with the New User Group. You can always make adjustments later on, but you should have your two lists of data points written down before you continue to the next section.


Here are some possible lists for different groups of people:


  • Sales Contacts, Sales Activities

  • Employees, Positions

  • Donors, Donations

  • Researchers, Grants

  • Patients, Visits, (Medical Personnel)

  • Students, Enrollments, (Teachers), (Classes)