People Goal 1 - Part 12: Enter a few records

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Now your data structures are all set up, and you even have a relationship between your tables. But you don’t have any actual data in the tables, so it’s hard to know whether everything is set up properly.


Let’s get all your main table fields onto a layout and then add a few records for you to work with while developing.




Add all your main table fields to the main table layout, use that layout to add several records to your main table, and populate these records with test data.


Add fields to the layout


  1. Make sure that you’re in Layout mode.

  2. Make sure you’re viewing the layout that FileMaker Pro created for your main table.

  3. Open the Field Picker.

  4. Use the shift key to select all the fields listed.

  5. Drag the fields onto your layout.

  6. Click “Yes” if you get a dialog saying “This operation will cause objects to extend off the layout…”

    This will make the layout longer to accommodate all your fields.

Create test records

  1. Change to Browse mode.

  2. Choose the Records menu > New Record  ⌘N

    Observe how your ID field is populated automatically as a serial number.

  3. Type your name into the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields.

    Observe how your “Full Name” and “Last Initial” fields are calculated based on the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields.

  4. Add data to any other fields you choose.

  5. Repeat steps 7 to 9 to add two more records, inventing values for First Name, Last Name, and any other fields you feel like populating.