People Goal 2 - Part 6: Build the main list screen - heading

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At this point, your layout displays a list of people, easy to scan and clearly organized alphabetically by last initial. However, it’s missing a heading. This text appears at the top of the layout in the header or top navigation part, where it helps to orient the user by indicating what sort of information appears below it in the body part. In this case, the heading should match your main table name, since the layout shows a list of records from your main table.


You may recall that in the Learn phase, you placed the heading on the left-hand side of the window. This time it will be centered at the top of the screen and locked in place.



Add a centered heading to your Main List layout.





  1. Select the Text tool in the status toolbar:
    pointer tool.png

  2. Drag a rectangle in the header part to define a text object roughly in the center of the layout.

    A blinking insertion point appears indicating FileMaker Pro is ready for you to enter some text.

  3. Enter some text that indicates what is being displayed in this layout — probably the name of your main table.

    The example solution has the word “Contacts”.

    Here's one way to ensure that your heading is horizontally centered within the visible layout:

  4. In the Inspector > Position tab > Size area, resize the heading so that it takes up the entire width and height of your body part.

    In the example solution, the dimensions of the heading are 13.25” wide and .75” high.

  5. In the Inspector > Appearance tab > Paragraph area, set both the horizontal and vertical alignment to be centered.

  6. In the Inspector > Appearance tab > Text area, increase the text size of the heading so that it looks good to you.

    The example solution sets the size to 21 points.

    Once you’re happy with your heading, you’ll want to lock it. This will prevent you from moving or changing this text after you place other objects on top of it (such as buttons — see the next section).

  7. Choose the Arrange menu > Lock  ⌥⌘L or Alt-Ctrl-L

    When you’ve locked your text object, the handles appears as “x” instead of little squares:

      list heading finished.png