People Goal 3 - Part 1: Create the main detail screen

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As with the Main List layout, your first step is to create a Main Detail layout and apply the "Tranquil" theme. Once the layout is created, you can finish setting up the navigation button on your Main List layout as well. Since we’ve covered layouts and themes already, let’s get right to it!





Create the Main Detail layout, apply the theme, and finish the navigation coming from the Main List layout.




Create the layout


  1. Choose the View menu > Layout Mode  ⌘L or Ctrl-L

  2. Choose the Layout menu > New Layout  ⌘N or Ctrl-N

    Or click on New Layout / Report in the status toolbar.

  3. Name your layout, being sure to start with your main table name.

    In the example solution, the main detail screen is called “Contact Detail”. We suggest you follow a similar naming convention.

  4. Choose the Computer option since you are designing for desktop/laptop.

  5. Choose Form from the various layout formats (“Form”, “List”, “Table”, and “Report”).

  6. Click the Finish button.

    A blank form layout is displayed.

  7. Use the Inspector > Position tab > Position area > Size to adjust the header part and body part dimensions.

    The example solution sets the header height to .75 inches, the body height to 8.125 inches, and the body width to 13.25 inches.



Change the theme

  1. Choose the Layout menu > Change Theme…

    Change Theme dialog appears.

  2. Select the "Tranquil" theme.

  3. Click the OK button to dismiss the dialog window.

Here is the result in the example solution. We deleted the footer part in this case as well.


Finish your Main List navigation

Now that you have a Main Detail layout, you can finish the navigation on your Main List layout:

  1. Switch to your Main List layout.

  2. Double-click your invisible button in the body part.

    You may have trouble selecting the button instead of the merge fields on top of it. Be patient and try clicking in the open spaces to avoid the merge fields.

    A Button Setup dialog window appears. It should already be associated with the “Go to Layout” script step.

  3. Specify your Main Detail layout.

    The example solution specifies the “Contact Detail” layout.

  4. Click the OK button to dismiss the dialog window.