People Goal 3 - Part 2: Build the main detail screen - Heading

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Just as with the Main List layout, adding a heading to your Main Detail layout will orient the user and help them understand the layout’s purpose. Your heading should describe as clearly as possible what sort of information is displayed in the body part.


On your Main List layout, your heading is something like “Contacts”, “Students”, or “Patients”, because that’s the most specific description that applies to every record displayed in this list.


However, the Main Detail layout will display information about one person at a time. So rather than saying something generic like “Contact” or “Student” in the header, let’s use your primary identification field probably the person's name.




Add a heading to your layout to orient the user by giving the primary identification of the person displayed in the body part.





  1. Make sure you are viewing your Main Detail layout in Layout mode.

  2. Create a Merge Field for your primary identification field.

    In the example solution, this is the “Full Name” field.

  3. Position the resulting text object at the top and left of the screen.

  4. Resize it to occupy the entire width and height of the header.

    In the example solution, the header is 13.25 inches wide and .75 inches high.

  5. Set both the horizontal and vertical text alignment to “center”.

  6. Set the font size to your preferred size.

    The example solution sets it to 21 points.

  7. Choose the Arrange menu > Lock  ⌥⌘L or Alt-Ctrl-L


At this point, your heading should look like this:

detail heading finished.png