People Goal 3 - Part 10: Test the main detail screen

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At this point, you’ve finished your Main Detail layout! But you haven’t tested how well it works for data entry. Since you also don’t have any secondary table data in your solution yet, this is a good moment to address both issues at once.


First test the navigation by clicking the navigation button in the upper left to return to the Main List layout. Then click on a row in the Main List layout to come back to the Main Detail layout.


Then try using your Main Detail layout to enter some records manually, using the portal to enter some secondary table data as well. Here are some guidelines:


  • Enter actual data from your business or data that is as close to that as possible.

  • Create at least ten main table records.


  • Create one to three secondary table records in the portal for each main table record.

As you enter the data, ask yourself these questions:


  1. Is the process smooth and efficient, or do you have to switch often between keyboard and mouse?

  2. Can you tab appropriately from field to field?

  3. Are you collecting the data points that you need, in an order that makes sense?

  4. If you have drop-downs or pop-up menus, are they behaving as expected?

  5. Is the conditional formatting in the portal behaving as expected?