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At this point, you’ve added interfaces for browsing through records and entering data. However, your solution could use a report to give your users a higher-level view of the information. You can choose from two different kinds of built-in reports in FileMaker Pro: charts, which you explored in the Learn phase, and subsummary reports, which we’ll cover now.



Subsummary parts and reporting


You’ve already seen how a subsummary part can be used to group records on a list layout. On your Main List layout, you sorted the records by people’s Last Initial, creating groups of people whose last name starts with “A”, “B”, “C”, and so on. On that layout, you simply displayed the Last Initial field in the subsummary part.


However, you can do more than that: you also can aggregate the data in each group of records, generating statistics such as counts, totals, and averages. In addition, your found set of records can be aggregated as a whole, producing statistics such as a grand total or an overall average.


Let’s create a subsummary report that aggregates your secondary table data. By adding a subsummary part that groups by person (using the related Full Name field) and then sorting the records by that field, you can group the records on a person-by-person basis, producing statistics for each individual.


If you add a second subsummary part that groups by status and then sort the records by that field as well, you can get subtotals in your subsummary report. Here’s the example solution with a found set of Activity records sorted by Salesperson (relationally) and by Status. Compare the sorted list on the left with the subsummary report on the right:



You can see that the above report groups the activity records by salesperson and activity status. How would you group your subsummary report? Here are some possibilities to get you thinking:


  • Donors / Donations — group the donations by donor and tiered donation amounts


  • Students / Enrollments — group this quarter’s enrollments by student advisor and enrollment status, or completed classes by student and grade


  • Researchers / Grants — group the grants by the grant owner (admin assistant) and grant status, or by researcher and year/month



We’ll use the subsummary report in the example solution as a model for the exercises in this goal, covering the concepts noted in this diagram:



Here’s what you’ll do:


  1. Add a summary field

  2. Create the reporting screen

  3. Customize the reporting screen