People Goal 6 - Intro: Add existing data

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At this point, you’ve finished your interfaces and scripts, but your solution only contains a few test records, and you probably have a significant amount of pre-existing data that you would like to migrate into your solution. You could always enter it manually, but usually it’s more efficient to import it using FileMaker Pro’s Import Records command.

In the Learn phase, when you imported two worksheets into the Landscaping file, everything went smoothly because we had prepared them for the import process. Similarly, for your existing data to import smoothly into your solution, some preparation is required. This goal will guide you through the preparation and import process.


Here’s what you’ll do:


  1. Prepare your spreadsheets for import

  2. Prepare your spreadsheets for relationships

  3. Import your spreadsheets

  4. Set the foreign key in your secondary table

  5. Test the results