People Goal 8 - Intro: Share your solution

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It’s time to share your hard work with other people. Let’s get your file ready to be hosted, host it using Client Sharing or FileMaker Server, and then make sure that people can connect to it using FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.


Before you start, let’s review the differences between Client Sharing and FileMaker Server:


  • With Client Sharing, you use your desktop machine to host the database. You must have the database open for anyone else to access it. Everyone must be on the local network, and only five people can have access at a time.

  • FileMaker Server is much more powerful. It is a separate software application that runs on a dedicated machine, offering 24-hour access, automatic back ups, and robust security features. There is no restriction on the number of people who can access your solutions at once, although the tested maximum is 250.


While Client Sharing provides a great way to get going quickly, if you have a mission critical solution or one that must be consistently available to multiple people, we recommend that you host it with FileMaker Server.


Here’s the outline of what you’re about to do:


  1. Specify your opening layout

  2. Host your file using FileMaker Server

  3. Host your file using Client Sharing

  4. Connect to your file using FileMaker Pro

  5. Connect to your file using FileMaker Go


This is the last goal — you’re almost done!