People Goal 8 - Part 1: Specify your opening layout

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Before you host your file, there’s a specific detail to attend to: the layout that is displayed when the user first opens your solution.

When you work with your file locally on your computer, every time you close the file, FileMaker Pro remembers the last layout you viewed. This is convenient as it allows you pick up wherever you left off. However, when you host the file, FileMaker Pro doesn’t store this information for each user. Instead, it takes everyone to the last layout that was viewed before the file was hosted.

To address this behavior, FileMaker Pro provides a way to specify a consistent layout to be displayed every time the file is opened.



Configure the solution to display the same layout every time it’s opened.


Set up the layout

  1. Choose the File menu > File Options…

    A File Options dialog window appears.

    file options.png

  2. Click the Specify button next to the Switch to layout option.

    A Specify Layout dialog window appears

  3. Select your main list layout.

    In the example solution, this is “Contact List”.

  4. Click the OK button dismiss the Specify Layout dialog.

  5. Click the OK button dismiss the File Options… dialog.

Test the layout setup


  1. Navigate to your Main Detail layout (because it’s not the layout you set up).

  2. Close the file.

  3. Open the file.

  4. Observe which layout is displayed.

    If the Main List layout is displayed, the test was successful.

    If the Main Detail layout is displayed, something has gone wrong. Repeat this section and make sure that the File Options are set up correctly.