People Goal 7 - Part 4: Add a team-level privilege set

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Now that you’ve created a manager-level privilege set, it’s easy to create the team-level set below it. Simply duplicate the manager-level set and modify only those privileges that are different. As before, we’ll make assumptions about your privileges, but feel free to make different choices based on your users’ needs.

Here are the privileges that we'll remove from the manager-level set to create the team-level:

  • Cannot delete records in main table

  • Cannot modify value lists

  • Cannot print

  • Cannot export

In this section, you’ll work with the Custom Record Privileges dialog window, which allows you to set record access privileges on a table-by-table basis. This is where you’ll specify that the user cannot delete records in the main table.





Create a team-level privilege set by duplicating the manager-level set and making the appropriate changes.





  1. Select your manager-level privilege set and click the Duplicate button.

    A copy of your privilege set is created.

  2. Double-click the copied privilege set.

    An Edit Privilege Set dialog window appears.

  3. Change the privilege set name to identify the team-level role associated with it.

    In the example, we entered “Salesperson”.




Data Access and Design Area

  1. Go to the Records option and select Custom privileges.

    A Custom Record Privileges dialog window appears.

  2. Select your main table from the list of tables in the window.

  3. In the example solution, we selected “Contacts”.

    Choose “no” from the Delete drop-down in the Set Privileges area of the window.

    This removes delete privileges for the selected table.

  4. Click the OK button to dismiss the dialog window.

    Returning to the Data Access and Design area of the Edit Privilege Set dialog window:

  5. Choose “All view only” for the Value Lists option.




Other Privileges Area

  1. Deselect Allow printing and Allow exporting.

  2. Click the OK button to save your privilege set changes and return to the Manage Security… dialog window.