People Goal 8 - Part 4: Connect to your file using FileMaker Pro

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Now that you have your file hosted, let’s connect to it from FileMaker Pro using the Open Remote command from the File menu. This command opens the Hosts tab of the Launch Center.

launch center hosts for Build.png

The Hosts tab is divided into two panes. The left pane gives a list of hosts, starting with your favorite hosts, then continuing with all other hosts available on the local network. When you select a host from the list, the solutions available on that host are displayed in the right pane. Favorites are listed first, followed by all other available files.

To flag favorite solutions or hosts, hover over the icon of the solution or host and click the star that appears in the upper left corner. To remove the favorite status, just click the star again.


NOTE: For this section, you’ll need to know the IP address of your host machine (the FileMaker Server or the local machine hosting your solution). If you run into any trouble in this section, it’s likely due to a network issue. Ask the New User Group for help and we’ll try to sort it out.


Use the Open Remote command to add your host machine as a favorite, open your solution, and send a link to the file to a co-worker.


Add a favorite host

  1. Choose the File menu > Open Remote…  ⇧⌘O or Shift-Ctrl O

    The Launch Center appears, displaying the Hosts tab.

  2. Check if your host machine is listed in the left pane.

  3. If so, select it and skip to step 8.

    If your host machine is not listed, don’t worry. The next step involves entering your host manually as a favorite.

  4. Click the + button at the bottom of the left pane.
    launch center hosts for Build - new host.png

    An Add Favorite Host dialog window appears.

  5. Enter your host machine’s IP address in the Host’s Internet Address box.

  6. Enter any name you choose for your host in the Favorite Host’s Name box.

  7. Click the Save button to dismiss the dialog window.

    Your new favorite host appears at the top of the left pane list and is selected for you. This causes all the files hosted on that machine to be listed in the Available Files list on the right.

    If your file is not listed, there might be a problem with the network or with how you set up the file’s FileMaker Network Settings (Client Sharing only). Please start a discussion in the New User Group if you need help troubleshooting this.

Open your file


  1. Select your solution from the Available Files list on the right.

  2. Click the Open button to open your file and dismiss the Launch Center window.

    An Open... dialog window appears.

  3. Enter your login credentials.

    The file opens.

Email a link

  1. Choose the File menu > Send > Link to a Database…

    An email is generated for you to send to your co-worker. If your co-worker clicks on the link in the body of the email, the hosted FileMaker file should open for them (assuming they are on the same network).