People Goal 5 - Intro: Automate with scripts

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At this point, your interfaces are ready to go (with the exception of a few buttons), but your users must do everything manually, using the basic functionality available from FileMaker Pro. Let's help them out by automating some of the tasks they perform most frequently.

One of FileMaker Pro’s strengths is its rich potential for automation provided by its scripting environment. A script is a series of instructions which the FileMaker software performs automatically. They can be used to automate manual tasks, streamline processes that might otherwise be confusing or complicated, and protect your data by replacing error-prone manual processes with controlled workflows that have more structure and boundaries.


Let's explore some basic scripting concepts by walking you through the creation of a series of scripts in your solution. Each of these scripts has a counterpart in the example solution to give you a point of reference.


Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Learn about scripting

  2. Sort your Main List layout

  3. Trigger your sort script

  4. Import a script from Landscaping

  5. Delete a portal row

  6. Add a custom dialog

  7. Loop through a found set of records

  8. Use a script parameter

  9. Find specific data before running your report