People Goal 5 - Review

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You've made a great start at learning how to script! The more time you spend with it, the more skill and confidence you’ll build. The beauty of FileMaker scripting is that it's simple enough for you to learn the basics reasonably quickly, but flexible enough for you to create powerful and sophisticated processes as you grow in experience.

Below are the steps you worked though. As your solution continues to evolve, you can always go back and repeat any of them:

  1. Learn about scripting

  2. Sort your Main List layout

  3. Trigger your sort script

  4. Import a script from Landscaping

  5. Delete a portal row

  6. Add a custom dialog

  7. Loop through a found set of record

  8. Use a script parameter

  9. Find specific data before running your report


Next you’re going to import external data into your solution.