People Goal 8 - Part 3: Host your file using Client Sharing

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Client Sharing is a great way to get started sharing your solution, but be sure to keep these requirements in mind when using it to host your business solution:

  • You must have the database open on your machine for others to access it.


  • Everyone must be on the same local network.

  • Only five people can access your hosted file at one time.


  • You'll need to remember to close your solution on a regular basis and make a copy of the file as a backup. If you try to make a backup of a FileMaker Pro file while hosting it with Client Sharing, you run the risk of damaging it. In contrast, FileMaker Server performs backups of files while they are hosted on any schedule that you specify.




Host your solution using Client Sharing.


  1. In Browse mode, click the Share button on the status toolbar and choose “Share with FileMaker Clients” from the pop-up menu.
    share file.png

    FileMaker Network Settings dialog box appears. 

    Pic 1.png

  2. Make sure that your solution is selected in the Currently open files list.

  3. Set Network Sharing to “On”

  4. Set Network access to file to “All users”.

  5. Write down the TCP/IP Address associated with your host (desktop) computer. You’ll need this later.

    These settings make the solution available to anyone on your local network (including those connected by VPN) as long as you have the solution open on your computer.

  6. Click OK button to dismiss the dialog window.