People Goal 8 - Extra 3: Check if iPad on correct network

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If your solution is hosted using Client Sharing, and you are attempting to connect to it using FileMaker Go on iPad, you want to make sure that your iPad is on the same network as your hosting machine. It's easy to forget that your hosting machine might be connected to a local network via Ethernet, while your iPad is on a wireless network. The solution is either to connect your hosting machine via the same wireless network, or to use a VPN on your iPad.





Check whether your iPad and hosting machine are on different networks.





  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the network you are using (it has a blue checkmark next it).
    Pic 4.png

  2. Tap on that network name.

    A screen appears displaying information for your Wi-Fi network.
    Pic 5.png
  3. Check that the first three numbers of the IP Address displayed on your iPad match the first three numbers of the TCP/IP address of your FileMaker Server or desktop machine (depending on your hosting method).

    If they don’t match, your host and your iPad are not on the same network. If you have IT support in your business, first try to get help from them. Otherwise, let the group know and we’ll see if we can sort it out.