People: Before you start

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Example Files


Please download the example files before continuing. They include a finished version of the example solution as well as other helpful resources.





Like the Learn phase, the Build phase uses an example scenario. This time, however, you won't follow the scenario literally — it’s intended as a model or reference as you work on a solution for your own business. Please keep it in mind:


A team of six salespeople for an online education company is struggling to manage customer contact information. They rely on Excel spreadsheets, email, and other ad-hoc resources for their followup. This scattered approach causes them to miss important calls.


The team manager only knows how the team is doing by looking at closed opportunities and by talking to individuals about their work. She wants to monitor their activity more closely.



Start Small, Dream Big


Our hope is that your time in the Build phase will get you started developing an effective solution of your own. We recommend that you start small, attempting something on a similar scale to the example solution.


Once you’ve become more familiar with the software and have a feel for the development process, we encourage you to start dreaming big. FileMaker Pro provides a wide-open canvas, and people have created a broad array of powerful solutions on this platform.