Solved :  Excessive Refresh screens in filemaker web direct

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    I have using Filemaker Server 13 and designed my databases in Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced.


    While connecting to the server through web direct through the internet , I am getting excessive refresh screens .


    When I tab from field to field or go from record to record, it stops to refresh for about 10 seconds with around 5 distinct refresh operations where I see the little spinning  while like thing while the screen goes grey.

    Same thing happens when I click anywhere on screen and also while entering data into portals .


    This occurs only on the internet . Web direct on our LAN (intranet) works perfectly fine .


    Screenshot of Layout

    Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.55.22 pm.png

    Possible Causes for these issues


    • Slow uplink with ISP  ( slow UL and DL Speed )


    • Network is probably choking on the data that’s being sent out through the home internet connection.


    • Latency


    • Many objects eg. popovers , dropdowns , tooltips, graphics etc


    • Many Portals in the layout


    • Lots of Conditional Formatting , Many TO's referenced by the Layout


    • Rounded Theme


    • Unoptimized Webdirect Specific Layouts


    • Local styles on layouts


    • Many Summary Fields



    Solutions ( gathered from the original  discussion  Excessive Refresh in filemaker web direct )


    • Changed the them to Sophisticated  ( Non Rounded )
    • Made WebDIrect specific layouts Optimized for WD


    • Changed to a faster internet connection for the server and client
    • Removed Summary fields and replaced them with merge fields
    • Reduce number of layout objects
    • Change portals to related list views



    Result :  It is performing well ... no issues




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