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    Thanks for your interest in the FileMaker 14 Platform, which brings new speed and flexibility to your solutions, whether they are used on the desktop, iOS, or the web. We've selected some of the top features to share with you in the lessons below, most of which include step-by-step exercises that take place in an example solution.

    You can work through them sequentially using the navigation links at the top and bottom of the screen, or skip around using this page. Hope you find them useful!



    Introduction Before you start
    FileMaker Pro 1.Launch Center (5 min)
    Find and open solutions at a glance
    2.Navigation parts (5 min)
    Float navigation at top and bottom of the screen
    3.Button bars and icons (8 min)
    Group buttons and icons for consistent formatting
    4.Object components * (8 min)

    Control object formatting at a more detailed level

    5.Placeholder text (5 min)
    Provide labels or guidance text within a field
    6.Hidden scroll bars (3 min)
    Improve your interface with iOS-like scroll bars
    7.Script Workspace (10 min)
    Write scripts more efficiently
    FileMaker Go 8.FileMaker Go interface (3 min)
    Explore FileMaker Go's new Launch Center and app chrome
    9.Signature screen text (5 min)
    Add a heading, description, and text below the signature line
    10.Allowed orientations 1 (8 min)
    Write a script permitting specific screen orientations
    11.Allowed orientations 2 * (5 min)

    Trigger your screen orientation script

    12.AV playback interaction (10 min)
    Script sophisticated interactions with video and audio material
    Conclusion Recommendations
    * Depends on previous exercise