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Each time you launch FileMaker 14 you’ll see the streamlined Launch Center window, which helps you find the solution you want to open. Now you can assign a unique icon to each of your solutions, making them easy for your users to identify. Choose from 29 prebuilt icons to represent your solutions, or use your own images — a great way to reinforce your brand.

The Launch Center consists of two tabbed windows. The My Solutions tab gives quick access to your most important files, while the Hosts tab integrates the functionality of Open Remote:




My Solutions tab

The My Solutions tab is divided into two horizontal areas, the first for favorites and the second for recently viewed files. If you want only favorites to be displayed, click the star button near the upper left of the screen. The other two buttons in the upper left allow you to switch between the tiled view of your solutions and a list view that shows the location of each file.

If you need to browse for a local file, the Browse… button in the lower left of the window allows you to browse for solutions using the standard Open File dialog window. And when you want to create a new file, the New… dropdown menu next to the button lets you create a blank file, begin with a starter solution, or convert an existing file.

Hosts tab

The Hosts tab is divided into two panes. The left pane gives a list of hosts, starting with your favorite hosts, then continuing with all other hosts available on the local network. When you select a host from the list, the solutions available on that host are displayed in the right pane.

Flagging favorites

FileMaker 14 introduces a new way to flag favorite solutions or hosts: hover over the icon of the solution or host and click the star that appears in the upper left corner. To remove the favorite status, just click the star again. Note that while a favorite host will immediately float to the top of the list of hosts, a newly favorited solution won't appear in the Favorites area of the My Solutions tab until the next time you open the Launch Center.

Accessing the Launch Center

The Launch Center is displayed whenever you launch FileMaker Pro without opening a specific file. To access the Launch Center from within the application, choose:

  • File > Open... for the My Solutions tab
  • File > Open Remote... for the Hosts tab






Use the Launch Center to open the example solution, add it as a favorite, and view hosted files. Then give the example solution a custom icon and see how it looks in the Launch Center.





  • Open a file


  1. If you have already launched FileMaker Pro, quit the application.

  2. Launch FileMaker Pro. The Launch Center window appears (unless you open a specific file).


  1. Select the My Solutions tab at the top of the window.


  1. Click the Browse… button in the lower left. An Open File dialog window appears.


  1. Browse to the “Approvals” file in the Example Files folder. This is the example solution.


  1. Click the Open button in the lower right of the Open File window. The “Approvals” file opens and the Open File and Launch Center windows disappear.

    Note: if you see the error message "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer", this means that you have another version of FileMaker open at the same time, or else you have FileMaker Server installed on your computer. This doesn't matter right now, but it will affect the iPad exercises later on. The solution is to close both versions of FileMaker Pro and only open FileMaker Pro 14 and/or to uninstall FileMaker Server from the machine you are using.

    Now let’s open the Launch Center again.


  1. Choose the File menu > Open…  (⌘O or Ctrl-O). The Launch Center window appears again, with the “Approvals” file icon displayed in the Recent area.

    Add a favorite


  1. Hover over the “Approvals” file icon. A star appears temporarily in the upper-left corner of the icon.


  1. Click the star to mark the file as a favorite. The star is added to the corner of the icon.

    The next time you open the Launch Center, this file will appear in the Favorites section.

    View hosted files


  1. Click the Hosts tab at the top of the Launch Center window. The window changes so that all hosts on your local network are displayed in a column on the left-hand side. These can be FileMaker servers or host machines using Client Sharing.


  1. Select a host from the list on the left (if a host is available - otherwise skip to step 13). The available hosted files are displayed on the right.


  1. Click on the host name to toggle it as a favorite.Favorited hosts are displayed at the top of the left-hand list.


  1. Click on the upper-left corner of one of the hosted files to favorite it.

    The next time you open the Launch Center, this file will appear in the Favorites section.

    Change icon associated with the example solution

  2. Close the Launch Center window.

  3. Choose the File menu > File Options…  A File Options for "Approvals" dialog window appears. Note: if this menu item is grayed out, make sure that you have opened the Approvals solution and that the Launch Center window is closed.


  1. Select the Icon tab. Here you can choose from a series of pre-created icons, or use an image of your own. Let’s use an image from the Example Files folder.


  1. Click on the Custom… button. A Select Image dialog window appears.


  1. Select the image file “approvals.png” from the Example Files/Images folder, then click the Insert button. The Select Image dialog window closes.

  2. Click the OK button to save your changes and dismiss the File Options for "Approvals" dialog window.


  1. Choose the File menu > Open…  (⌘O or Ctrl-O). The Launch Center window appears again, showing your with your custom “Approvals” file icon displayed in the Favorites section.