New in 14: Hidden scroll bars

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FileMaker Pro 14 gives you the option of displaying scroll bars for text fields and portals only when they are needed, similar to scroll bars in iOS or OS X. This simplifies the interface, helping to focus the user's attention on the elements that matter.

Here's how it looks for a text field (the Control style must be set to "Edit box"):







Add a portal scroll bar that appears only when needed.





  1. Make sure you are viewing the “Susan Truong” record on the "Contact Details | Pro" layout (in the Pro folder).

    Currently the Projects portal has a standard scrollbar that is always visible. Let’s change that.

  2. Enter Layout mode.

  3. Double-click the Projects portal. A Portal Setup dialog window appears.

    Note that the
    Allow vertical scrolling option is selected. This option used to be called Show vertical scroll bar.

    Below it, the Show scroll bar: option is set to “Always”.

  4. Change the Show scroll bar: option to “When scrolling”.
    581-pasted-image-19.png 581-pasted-image-19.png

  5. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the dialog window.

  6. Enter Browse mode and observe that the scroll bar has disappeared from the portal.

  7. Make sure your window is sized that so only 7 or fewer portal rows are displayed.

  8. Start scrolling through the records.

    A scroll bar appears on the portal when you start to scroll, and it disappears when you stop scrolling.