New in 14: FileMaker Go interface

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Launch Center

You'll see a similar Launch Center in FileMaker Go as in FileMaker Pro, with the same colorful file icons. You have three options at bottom of the screen for displaying different files:

  • Recent (recently opened files)
  • Device (files local to the device)
  • Hosts (hosted files)

Note that Favorites are not supported here.

The Hosts popover menu displays all hosts on the local network and also allows you to add hosts manually.




In FileMaker Go 14, we’ve grouped important actions into four areas to make them easy to find, two in the menubar at the top of the screen, and two in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.


We've also made tap targets larger to increase confidence and ease of use in challenging environments, such as when you're out in the field or commuting on public transit.





Solution actions

The actions in this popover menu apply to the solution as a whole — such as closing it, printing, exporting records, or changing layouts.
























Find actions

We’ve placed Find in the place everyone expects it — the top right corner of the screen. A popover presents the various find options clearly. Note that in FileMaker Go, unlike in FileMaker Pro, the Constrain Found Set and Extend Found Set actions take place before entering Find mode.














Navigation actions

These appear prominently at the bottom of the screen, with top-level buttons for moving forwards and backwards, plus a popup providing useful ways to manipulate the found set.












Record actions: add and delete

Two buttons in the bottom right let you add records, duplicate records, delete the current record, and delete the found set.


When the user enters Find mode by tapping the “Create New Find” button (see Find popover above), these buttons allow the user to create and delete find requests, much as in FileMaker Pro.








Record actions: sort 556-sort_actions.png

Also in the bottom right, the sort button opens a popup menu giving complete control over sort functionality.








Hide the FileMaker Go interface

If the user wants to hide the FileMaker Go interface for a more immersive experience, they perform a three-finger slide upwards. The image below shows the screen after this gesture has been performed. You can see that there is no menubar or toolbar visible. To restore the interface, the user simply performs the same gesture downwards.



You can script the same action by combining the following two script steps:


Show/Hide Menubar [ Hide ]

Show/Hide Toolbar [ Hide ]