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Now you can add context to your signature capture screens by providing a title, description and text below the signature line. Additionally, the signature capture screen is displayed in portrait view as well as landscape depending on what orientations you have allowed (note that iPhone remains limited to landscape only).


A typical approach to implementing signatures involves placing your signature container field on a layout (here "Approvals::Signature | Container") . Then you configure this field as a button that calls a script containing the Insert from Device script step, such as this one:


When you set the Insert From option to “Signature”, a new Signature Options dialog window appears, allowing you to specify a Title, Message, and Prompt. These can be literal text or calculated values. Calculated values allow you to include actual data from your system in the agreement. They are also useful for localization or for selecting a variety of legal statements addressing different contractual situations.


Here’s an example:


And here's how it looks on iPad. Note the portrait orientation — new with FileMaker Go 14:





Add a signature field to a layout intended for FileMaker Go. Configure the field to act as a button that calls a script including the Insert from Device script step. Then try it out on iPad.

Please forgive the violation of the example solution's use case here: since approvals can be made on desktop, a signature requirement doesn't really make sense. But in an iOS-only scenario, it could work beautifully.



Before you start:


Make sure you have the Approvals example solution open in FileMaker Pro 14 on your desktop or laptop. This machine should be on the same local network as your iPad so that it’s available on your iPad as a hosted file.



  • Set it up in FileMaker Pro

  1. Make sure you are viewing the "Approvals Detail | Go - IMAGE" layout in Layout mode in FileMaker Pro.

  2. In the open space above "Please choose:", add the Approvals::Signature | Container field to the layout, with a text label on the left that says "Manager's Signoff".


  3. Anchor the field and the text label on the top and right edges, using the Inspector > Position tab > Autosizing area.


  1. Set up the Approvals::Signature | Container field as a button that performs the script "Capture Signature". This script has been started for you already.

  2. Open the "Capture Signature" script in the Script Workspace.

  3. Add an Insert from Device script step to the end of the script, setting the target field to "Approvals::Signature | Container".
  4. Change the Insert From option to "Signature...".
    A Signature Options dialog window appears.

  5. Enter the following for the Title:  Manager's Signoff

  6. Enter the following for the Message: I approve this video for production release.

  7. Enter the following for the Prompt:  Sign here

  8. Set the target field for the Insert From Device script step to "Approvals::Signature | Container".

  9. Click the OK button to save your changes.

  10. Save and close the script.

    Try it in FileMaker Go

  11. Open FileMaker Go 14 on your iPad. The Launch Center window appears.

  12. Select the Hosts icon at the bottom right of the screen. Your local machine should be listed as a host with the Approvals example solution (look for the icon you added earlier).

  13. Tap the solution to open it. A list of approval records is displayed.

  14. View the approval details for the "Up in a tree" approvals record. Because this record contains an image, you will be taken to the layout where you added the signature field.

  15. Tap the signature field. The signature interface is displayed, showing the title, message, and prompt you specified.

  16. Rotate the device, observing that the signature interface displays in both orientations.

  17. Enter a signature and tap the Accept button in the upper right. Your signature is stored in the container field.