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Today I changed the posting process so that you have only one option ("In a Place") for your postings. This should help with people's perception that their postings are being lost.


If you are already in a specific place (such as "Discussions"), the name of that area will be provided for you.


If you don't see the area you want, you'll need to select it. See the instructions below.


I moved about 320 postings made in the past 4 weeks into the Discussions area (or international discussions when appropriate).


Anything more than 4 weeks old that wasn't already located "In a Place" is longer visible. Note that this content hasn't been lost or deleted, but under the new settings it can't be viewed. If you desperately need to me to pull something up, message me privately.


Let's see how this new approach works for people!


Cheers --


Mark Baum

Technical Product Marketing Manager

FileMaker, Inc.






Either type the location where you would like to move the content, or select it from the Spaces listed. You probably will choose Discussions or International Discussions, and may need to access the Sub-spaces using the link on the right. See POPULAR PLACES below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.26.56 AM.png







Discussions > Report a Product Issue

Discussions > FileMaker Community Feedback


International Discussions > Deutsches Forum

International Discussions > Deutsches Forum > Fehler in FileMaker melden


International Discussions > 日本語フォーラム

International Discussions > 日本語フォーラム > FileMaker Communityに関する意見

International Discussions > 日本語フォーラム > 不具合の報告