Earning points in the FileMaker Community

Version 16

    We are preparing to change the spam prevention strategy in the FileMaker Community. The new strategy will be point-based, so we needed to revise how people can earn gamification points. Below are the the point-assignment rules (also called “missions”) that are now active. Note that you may still see some of the past missions on your profile.


    We also analyzed the distribution of levels across the community and adjusted them accordingly -- and gave them new names. Everyone's level will change based on these new thresholds.


    Cheers --








    First time creating a discussion or question, making a comment or a reply: 24

    Pass the current certification test: 800

    Pass an older certification test: 200 for each one (7,8,9, etc)




    You create a discussion, question, blog post, document, or poll: 1

    (Note: ideas are not supported by gamification right now)


    You reply/comment on a question, discussion, blog post, document, or poll: 1

    Others reply/comment on your question, discussion, blog post, document, or poll: 1


    You mark an answer as helpful: 1

    You mark an answer as correct: 1


    Your answer is marked as helpful by someone else: 5

    Your answer is marked correct by someone else: 10

    Your content is rated as 3 stars: 1

    Your content is rated as 4 stars: 3

    Your content is rated as 5 stars: 5


    Your reply/comment is liked by someone else: 3

    You are followed by someone else: 5






    0 points = Solution Starter

    100 points = Requirements Gatherer

    250 points = Mode Maestro

    500 points = Button Icon

    750 points = Calculation Creator

    1000 points = Function Phenom

    2000 points = Table Tamer

    3000 points = Relationship Builder

    4000 points = Inspector Detector

    5000 points = Layout Designer

    6000 points = Script Maker

    7000 points = Graph Guru

    8000 points = Menu Maven

    9000 points = Portal Pro

    10K points = Theme Therapist

    25K points = Chart Champion

    50K points = Cache Clearer

    75K points = Trigger Activator

    100K points = Import Impresario

    125K points = Data Integrator

    150K points = Security Guard

    175K points = App Launcher

    200K points = Web Director

    225K points = Server Master

    250K points = Go Getter

    275K points = Platform Promoter