About first-post moderation

Version 4

    In an attempt to improve our spam prevention strategy, we have now implemented point-based first-post moderation in place of new account moderation.

    This means that anyone will be able to join the community without waiting for their account to be approved. But the first time they create new content or reply to existing content, their posting must be approved by the community moderators. We're hoping that this will help simplify the signup process for the users while making the moderators' task clearer as well.


    Note that if you include a link in your posting, your content may also end up in moderation. However, if your link-free content ends up in moderation more than once, please let us know. There may be an issue with how points are being assigned to your posting.


    When your content ends up in moderation, we will do our best to approve it as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that the community is not moderated 24/7, so some delays may occur, especially over the weekends (Pacific Time).


    We appreciate your patience and hope that this new strategy works out well for you.