Page breaks and sliding up fields

Photo posted by andreyk on Oct 30, 2015

Page breaks and sliding up fields. I am editing an
existing PO form. I am adding more lines to the template. Trying to get the
document to print on one or two pages based on how many line items for purchase
there are. The page layout has a header, body and footer. The page layout is
14.5in long now. The header and footer do not have any checked boxes for page
break options and repeat on each page as intended. In the body I have the guts
of what needs to print IF there is data to print. All the fields in the body
are repeating and are set to slide up when empty. This part works awesome. Only
issue I am having is the 40 row fields crosses over the page break at line item
32 and whether all 40 fields are empty or filed up with data, it prints out two
pages regardless. The second page has the header, footer and a blank body.. The
four tables slide up like they are supposed to on to page one. For the body -in
the part definition window I have checked ‘Allow part to break across page boundaries’;
checking ‘Discard remainder..’ cannot be used because it doesn’t print the
second page when needed. This is as close as I have gotten to print the way I want
it. Any ideas????.

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