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    Can someone please help?


    I have been developing a Filemaker db for data entry & storage - attached version with dummy data in it.


    I have worked a lot on windows databases and was hoping to use SQL, but can't get that to work in Filemaker, so have tried this approach:


    The layout "new_events" is where a lot of the hard work of data entry is meant to be sorted out, and seems to work, but I want it to transfer that plus related information into "eventsummary".


    e.g. it's not necessary to enter a person's address is all you need is to find the FK and have that field populated in eventsummary.


    I CANNOT get data to copy over using the relationships I've put in place. Or do I need a script to do this?


    Typically it was working fine until I layered on some extra info !!!


    Any suggestion please?? My client is breathing down my neck.