Designer Meg Lee Weir heads FileMaker’s new Customer Experience team

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    We’re happy to introduce Meg Lee Weir, the manager of our new FileMaker Customer Experience team!


    She comes us from Citrix where she was a senior lead business designer. She has been a fellow at the Standard, worked at IDEO, and has consulted as an independent design strategist. We’re looking forward to her insights into FileMaker’s out-of-product user experience, including such areas as new customer onboarding, support and learning, the FileMaker Community, and the FileMaker Developer Conference.


    The Customer Experience team now consists of:


    Meg Lee Weir, Senior Customer Experience Manager

    Mark Baum, Technical Product Marketing Manager

    (TBA), Technical Product Marketing Manager *

    Shari Martinez, Developer Relations / Events Manager


    * As of today (Nov 5, 2015), we have renewed our search for a second technical product marketing manager -- please consider applying!