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Popover not displaying


BruceRobertson here is a simplified version of my file which demonstrates what I'm trying to do.  schamblee, I thought about having a field, but for the purpose a merge variable to display is better.  In reality the company wouldn't be able to make a Euro invoice to the customer, as it's not something that we do, but ocassionally we get asked for the Euro amount so that a customer knows how much to transfer, (although we prefer the sterling amount be transferred, this rule can be waived at management discretion, depending on circumstances etc) this would give us a quick way to get that info. from within the solution.  Also an exercise in the FTS Advanced uses this same approach of a popover to display the data in a merge variable , and I copied that approach of having an onobjectenter trigger to trigger the conversion script on the popover , and at least the popover appears, although I suppose mine's a bit of a simplified version.



Today the popover doesn't even appear on my original layout , I must have changed something in playing around with it to affect this :-?